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About Us

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Growing up, Austin loved to go out farming with his father Jerry. Austin cherishes the life and business lessons he learned with his dad. He has grown up to be extremally grateful to be given the opportunity to raise his kids on a farm. Austin and Camille live on the dairy with their four kids, Porter, Adeline, Wells and baby Banks. They love the lifestyle that farming gives them.

Austin especially loves the ability to work close to home and see his wife and kids during the day. The kids don’t know how good they have it! Porter has been helping his dad check on the cows since he learned how to walk. Adeline and Wells are following his footsteps and helping on the farm more and more everyday. The Allred family honors Wells’ and Loriol’s legacy by continuing the hard work to support families everywhere by efficiently producing the essential, natural ingredients for nutritional living: milk and healthy protein.

The Allred's have been striving to change the way the world sees agriculture. For the past several years they have been innovating ways in which farming/agriculture can become a sustainable and regenerative practice. Rather than contributing to climate change, Austin with the help of his Royal Dairy are proving that farms like his can be an impactful part of the solution - in part by preventing the formation of greenhouse gases and boosting the capacity of his soil to draw down and sequester atmospheric carbon. 


COWS: healthy and happy

ENVIRONMENT: clean and sustainable

FAMILIES: strong and wholesome

EMPLOYEES: motivated and fulfilled.

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